In Memory

William Hawthorne Kleifgen

Bill was a student at DePauw University (perhaps in pre law) where he was a member of Phi Delta Theta Fraternity.

He died in June of 1964  while working at a summer construction job on Interstate 69 when an Ibeam he was moving struck a hightension electrical wire.



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04/21/12 05:49 PM #1    

Diane Fredrick (McArdle)

Bill's sister, Kristy Kleifgen, spends summers at Clear Lake right across the bay from me in a cottage built by my great-grandfather...small world!   I think of Bill often. He was a good friend since grade school.

08/09/12 01:23 AM #2    

Daniel W McCroskey

I ran into Bill one evening in the summer of '63. I was kinda depressed about the rough first year I had @ IU, and it was great to talk to someone who understood and was supportive. Bill was a friend to everyone- even nerds like me! I'm sure he'd have been a great success at whatever he set his mind to......... Dan McC.

08/09/12 12:10 PM #3    

Kay Carrier (Lambert)

I too remember Bill often.  He had such promise but his life was cut too short.  I guess God needed a beautiful flower in his garden.  Kay Carrier Lambert

02/12/14 04:28 PM #4    

Frederic L Schoen

I grew up with Bill, and we attended the same university. I was unfortunately working in the Lutheren Hospital ER when they brought him in. Since both his father & mine were physicians, I was well acquainted with the family. Bill was a great guy.

02/13/14 01:50 AM #5    

Jeffrey A Roth

I didn't always like Bill--in driveway basketball, he had the sharpest elbows on the court.  But I cared enough about him that in a college writing course, I wrote an essay about him--including the sharp elbows!

I bawled  my head off when I came home from college that summer and my mother told me what happened to Bill.  What a tragedy and loss!

Bill was on his way to become a superb advocate...for some cause.  There's not much chance that we would have agreed on causes, but that doesn't really matter.  The  world would be richer  if we had had his full contribution.



02/14/14 04:23 PM #6    

Sarah Finch (Clayton)

I can still hear Bill's wonderful, vibrant laugh!  He sat next to me in the
"Broom Closet" (those of you in band will" get" that one!), and he played the trumpet with great zeal.  One day he told Mr. Broom that he was behind me walking home from school, & he saw me drop my instrument. I had done no such thing, and then Mr. Broom yelled at me.  But later Bill apologized & said it was just a joke! The things we others said in their comments, I, too, cried alot when I heard of Bill's untimely death after our sophomore year in college.  Someday we'll understand, on "the other side" when God explains His workings and allowances on this earth.  Thank you for stirring up fond memories of a great friend!  Sarah Finch Clayton, Denver, C0.

02/16/14 09:49 PM #7    

Ruth (Bonnie) Russell (Nishihira)

I think it hit us all so hard because Bill was the first one we lost.  I remember thinking about him everytime I was on I-69.  He sat next to me all year in 8th Grade, Miss Withers' class.  I still remember his clothes - colored cords and matching plaid shirts.  And I can still hear his voice.  That was when we first knew we were not indestructable...

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